Thu Nov 14 2019

The reverse shoulder arthroplasty angle- a new measurement of glenoid inclination for reverse shoulder arthroplasty.
Is there a relationship between preoperative diagnosis and clinical outcomes in reverse shoulder arthroplasty An experience in 699 shoulders.

Early results of augmented anatomic glenoid components.

Outcome of reverse shoulder arthroplasty with pedicled pectoralis transfer in patients with deltoid paralysis

Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes of a Posteriorly Augmented Glenoid Component in Anatomic Total Shoulder Arthroplasty for Primary Osteoarthritis with Posterior Glenoid Bone Loss.

Hydrogen peroxide skin preparation reduces Cutibacterium acnes in shoulder arthroplasty a prospective, blinded, controlled trial

Accuracy of 3-Dimensional Planning, Implant Templating, and Patient-Specific Instrumentation in Anatomic Total Shoulder Arthroplasty.

Early results of augmented anatomic glenoid components